Why Buy At Shiseido

SHISEIDO was originally called SEIYO KASEI (Japanese usage of first two letters of S and H) and the name SHISEIDO was given in 1907. The name translates as “the most excellent way to honour beauty.” The company has a strong emphasis on research with highly developed methods for product development and production.

Why buy at SHISEIDO

1. Research and Development

SHISEIDO places a strong emphasis on research, with highly developed methods for product development and production. Products are formulated on the basis of scientific research. Among other things, this has led to the development of a unique concept known as the Hexagonal Theory.

2. Reliability and Sincerity

SHISEIDO does not stop at contracting with elite plant extracts for its skincare products, but also develops technology to make full use of the active substances in these ingredients, called “Dermo Technology”. The company also has its own botanical garden to ensure a stable supply of raw materials. For example, the Sansevieria Root Extract from which SHISEIDO has developed “Pitera” is cultivated at the garden.

Other than botanical extracts, SHISEIDO also uses plant-based raw materials for its products. For example, it utilises the seeds of Camellia japonica (favorite flower selected by Japanese women) to develop cosmetics products.

3. Safety and Purity

SHISEIDO has a policy of ensuring safety and purity in order to use as few chemicals as possible in its cosmetics products. In this respect, the company is especially strict about those substances that are prohibited for use in cosmetics products in certain countries.

4. Beauty and Formulation

SHISEIDO has a long tradition of developing skincare products from beauty to formulation research, with results of its research shared with customers as they continue developing products themselves. The company has over 50 years of experience and a skincare range covering all skin types.

5. Value and Aesthetics

Although beauty is important, SHISEIDO also takes the view that skincare products must also be of great value. The company therefore incorporates high-quality ingredients with care and does not compromise on quality in order to reduce the cost of its products for consumers.

6. Specialty Ingredients

SHISEIDO’s cosmetic products have a strong focus on specialty ingredients such as vitamins C, E and IPF, which are at the cutting edge of skincare science. These ingredients are all natural with no synthetic substances so they cannot be made in a laboratory.