Things To Do In Maldives

MALDIVES is a group of islands in the Indian Ocean that are as diverse as they are beautiful. They have secluded beaches, lush high-rise hotels, and a land mass slightly larger than Connecticut. The country is divided into six administrative districts with an elected president and prime minister in control. For local visitors, it is among the most affordable tourist destinations on earth.

Things to do in MALDIVES

1. Hire a private boat and island-hop

This is a unique way to see the country. The islands are small, and it only costs about $100 U.S. to hire a private boat with a captain and browse the islands at your own pace. It is a great way to see secluded beaches with jaw-dropping sunsets, swim in the smallest lagoon on earth (in the Addu Atoll), and visit uninhibited local resorts where you can eat, drink, and dance the night away without worrying about anything other than having fun.

2. Get a bird’s-eye view of the islands over a glass of wine/sangria.

There are no cars on the islands, and most hotels only have two or three rooms. Inside, you will find bucolic gardens, white sand beaches, and warm hospitality. On clear nights, you can gaze at the stars from your private deck or balcony.

3. Visit the island of MAHÉ

Mahé is the largest and most populous island in the group, and it has a lot to offer for visitors. The south coast is a place where you can unwind at Coco de Mer and Coco Palm Beaches. There are rainforests that have hiking trails, botanical gardens, and other natural marvels. In the north, you can visit Port Victoria to ride quads or dine at Fish on the Rocks. You can also enjoy snorkeling along some of the local beaches like Anse Intendance and Bambous Beach.

4. Drive around the island of MAHÉ

There are no cars on the islands, and only one city: Victoria. Therefore, you will need to take a taxi, bicycle or rent a scooter for an afternoon drive around the island. The coastal route is about 40 kilometers long and quiet. You can stop along the way to enjoy some of the local cafes, restaurants and bakeries. The water is clear enough that you can see sand banks below your feet while swimming in shallow waters along the shoreline.