Know What To Wear At New York Fashion Week

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK is a week-long celebration of everything fashion and it is the largest event in the world. There are over 300,000 people that attend to get a close look at what is new, exciting and most importantly, fashionable. Here is how you should dress for this amazing event!


1.Wear comfortability clothing

This is the largest fashion event in the world and is an absolute explosion of fashion, color and fun. People will be dressed to the nines, but you don’t have to be. You can still have a great time showing your love for fashion while being comfy. There are vendors that sell comfortable shoes, clothes and accessories if you get tired of wearing heels or if it just gets too hot out there on the streets (which it often does).

2.Dress for success

If you are someone that works in this industry, then this should be easy for you to pull off. If not, then get creative with what you own and accessorize it well.

3.Stay cool, but stylish

New York Fashion Week is in New York City, which can be a very hot place in the summer. Do not make the mistake of wearing your favorite outfit and then feeling like you’re roasting in it all day. As much as you want to show off your new look, you do not want to be uncomfortable. Make sure that your clothes are dark and light-weight fabrics and can breathe well to help keep you cool (lighter colors will also make you feel cooler).

4.Flip flops or not to flip flops

If you are someone that loves to have fun and likes to wear a lot of color, then you are going to want to wear your flip-flops. But if you are someone who is afraid of walking too much in your shoes, then don’t wear them. They will get hot and make your feet hurt. Unless you want everyone in the world to know that you just got home from a long day at the office, then don’t wear them. You can go barefoot or find a comfortable pair of sandals that fit your lifestyle.

5.Accessorize with style

It may seem obvious, but it is important. Do not go overboard but you should have fun with your accessories. Try wearing a scarf instead of a jacket, or an interesting necklace instead of earrings.

6.Have fun and be creative

Have fun with it! Style your hair in a new way, wear some funny socks or add some colorful jewelry. There are tons of designers that will inspire you to be creative! You also can try taking inspiration from celebrities and stars during this amazing time in the fashion world.