What You Should Know About The Perfect Fall-winter Look


The new fall-winter season is? coming! The first cold breeze blows in and you suddenly want to put on your warmest clothing. But do you know what colors are the best for this season?

Usually, autumn colors like orange, brown, and yellow are popular. These colors can give out a chilly feeling because they have some red in them.

What you should know about the perfect fall-winter look;

1. It is the best season for layers

Layer up your clothing and if you’re not a fan of wearing many layers then choose long cardigans that reach almost to your heels.

This fall winter is about layering. So if you want to get a perfect look then make sure you layer up your favorite clothing pieces, especially cardigans and jackets.

2. Use different color tops with jeans

As I mentioned before, denim is more comfortable than wearing a sweater, but if you want to try something different then choose a top that is another color than the jeans. For example, if you’re wearing blue jeans then choose a top that is a brown/red color. This way it gives out a layered look and you will feel more comfortable because of the warmer clothes.

3. Go for long cardigans

Okay, we already have gorgeous autumn colors like brown and orange. If you want to add more layers then choose a long cardigan that reaches almost to your heels. This can make you feel more like a typical fall-winter look.

4. Keep the shoe simple

Keep it simple! Choose some basic shoes like sneakers, you can also wear boots but keep it simple and pick dark-colored ones that are similar to the color of your clothing (you can also match them with a jacket!).

5. Dress up your accessories and hair

Short hair can be perfect for this season. If you want to give out a specific name to your look then choose some colorful scarves that make you feel like the grand character from a fairy tale. Also if you want to give out something special then pick some cool colored bracelets since they’re simple yet elegant!