Expected Looks Of The Bonpoint Spring -Summer 2022 Show


Bonpoint is high-end casual wear for infants and toddlers – it is meant to be paired with everyday items like white t-shirts or jeans. The spring-summer 2022 show is much like a runway show, with models walking down the aisle with their garments.

Looks of the Bonpoint Spring -Summer 2022 Show;

1. The first look is a white shirt with a logo and floral print, paired with light pink pants, white sneakers, and a grey jacket. The shoes are the main focus of this look as they are designed with teddy bears.

2. An all-white outfit that fits like a dress but is more like a shirt and pants. This outfit looks perfect for summer weather as the weather in France can be quite hot during the summer season.

3. An all-white little girl looks cute in this ensemble consisting of a white shirt, grey shorts, yellow shoes, and a pink hat.

4. A yellow dress that has short sleeves that matches the color of the bottom of the dress, and is a little full. This outfit is perfect for those hot summer days as the fact that it covers her neck and face helps keep her cool.

5. The next outfit consists of a pink cardigan that fits over a yellow top and blue pants. The hat makes the outfit pop out as it is a pastel color with red polka dots.

6. An all-black ensemble consisting of a black hat with different colored stars, polka dot tights, a shirt with hearts on it, and jeans. The black and white make the outfit brighten up as the hat is super cute!

7. A beige sweater with red ribbons tied in a bow around the neck. The sweater is paired with blue shorts and white shoes.

8. A pink dress that has polka dots all over it, and looks great paired with a pink bow headband, white shoes, and a black belt. The overall look of this outfit is cute and fun!